Compliance and safety management offal

Best Way Transport Co., Ltd.,

company introduction

Compliance and safety management offal

—The Bestwaytransport establish management policies for compliance and safety Management meet all of the following requirements and "AEO(Authorized Economic Operator)" every effort to continue to maintain

1. Compliance

- We respect the national policy and gave the code of ethics and social legislation.
- We fully shares the management policy rules and regulations of the company.

2. Planning

- We are constantly reviewing the Import and export compliance and safety management status, and import and export compliance and safety management objectives for the implementation of this management policy .
- Constantly walching so that compliance and safety management objectives can be achieved throughout the organization and the internal capabilities lips.

3. Communication

- And to encourage the smooth communication between all employees so that the company-wide safety management import and export thend to seltle for the implementation of management policies.
- All employees are actively to raise awareness of compliance and safety management.

4. Supply Chain Security

- We have our assets and import and export import and export of goods through the supply chain parties to cooperate one to do their best to ensure the safely and integrity.

The Bestway Transport is one to make every effort to become a trusted company with global competitiveness through the establishment and implementation of the management policy.

2015, 10, 01