Best Way Transport Co., Ltd.,

company introduction


—Best Way Transport Co., Ltd., was first established as Best Way Express in 1900. The company changed its name to Best Way Transport Co., Ltd., in 2001 to reform as a comprehensive transportation company that holds out the new 21st century. Executes and employees of the company work hard to build qualitative superiority than quantitative expansion.

—Our company seeks for customer satisfaction through reliability and exchange with partners of America, Europe, and Asia Region for the last 21 years. We have been quickly and safely transporting freight.

——Best Way Transport Co., Ltd., signed agreement as a cooperative company with Korea’s famous companies including Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., S&T Group, and Young Poong Precision Corporation. This is proof that we built reliability with big companies and that we can satisfy the needs of our clients in cost and service. This is our pride.

——When we transfer the freight of your company, we promise to make quick and accurate transportation with all employees doing the best.

History of Company

  • —~Present

    Signed agreement with around 50 overseas agents
  • —2004. 08.

    Established Office in China Shanghai, Weihai, Guangzhou
  • —2001. 01.

    Changed Best Way Transport Name
  • —1991. 02.

    Opened Busan Office
  • —1991. 02.

    Opened Airport Office
  • —1991. 01.

    Registered for Korea Comprehensive Transportation Brokerage Committee
  • 1990. 12.

    Established Best Way Express Co., Ltd.

Goal of Service

1. Provide extensive all-in-one service

We will provide extensive all-in-one service of door-to-door from production place to final destination by expanding service area between port of shipment and port of arrival.

2. Provide quick and accurate information

We will do the best in customer work by providing information while accurately and quickly grasping the local conditions including production procedure, delivery, preparation for loading, loading work condition by maintaining close cooperation with suppliers closely related with our company through single network and global organization network of system.

3. Transportation at the suitable time and place

We will contribute in timely transportation by reserving ship space appropriate for clients before delivering freight by obtaining specification of accurate freight and regularly grasping production procedure of supplier.

4. Safe Transportation

We will take responsibility by thoroughly managing for safe and timely transportation to destination through arriving port by maintaining close cooperative system with supplier, shipping company, and cargo company in Korea during freight release and shipment work included in the transportation of hard goods and equipment freight.

Compliance and safety management offal

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Organization Chart

Will become the best leader to safely transport freights.