Project Transport

Best Way Transport Co., Ltd.

Project Transport.

Warehousing Service

Customers are always the priority for Bestway Transport Corporation’s warehousing service. We provide ‘total logistics service’ with warehouses located at the strategic points around the world. Each cargo warehouse has security cameras and cutting-edge security systems operated 24/7 for safe cargo storage. We also provide insurance coverage over losses and packaging, transport, and efficient risk management in the production stage for your convenience.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance by specialized experts will multiply customers’ satisfaction. It would save you a lot of time if you could take care of the paperwork and the complicated procedure required for customs clearance with a phone call. Bestway Transport Corporation works with customs specialists who are well-aware of the local circumstances to provide effective Customs Clearance suitable for the characteristics of each type of cargo.

——Will safely transport from the desired point to destination.